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1 Hour Session - $70

3 Hour Session - $195

6 Hour Session - $360

12 Hour Session - $690

30 Hours per 2.5 months - $1050

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Paula D. Hip

I had been living with chronic hip pain from a sledding accident years prior. Lately it had gotten so bad I struggled getting in and out of the car and into bed at night. I heard about the direct current therapy and needed only one session. Ryan put me through some movements while on the device and my pain was dramatically reduced. I no longer felt the pain getting in and out of the car or into my bed at night.


Marcos C. Knee Injury

I had injured my knee and it took me out of Jiu Jitsu and judo training. I went to the doctors and was told I must have surgery. It affected my work and lifestyle. I really didn’t want to go through surgery and heard about Ryan’s direct current and rehab therapy while at Gracie Barra. I tried the demo they offer and felt immediate relief. After doing a few weeks of the physical therapy I was pain free and can now train hard again. I was recently awarded my black belt and am not hindered by the pain!


Jim. Back / Sciatica

I had really bad Sciatic back pain to where I could not drive, or do normal activities around the house. I love to be able to tinker, and fix things around the house and yard. It weighed on me that I couldn’t serve and help my wife, kids and grandkids like I normally would. I have had many injuries throughout my life that weren’t properly rehabbed and it seemed to have caught up to me. Typically, Chiropractic helped keep our bodies out of pain alone. This was my last hope as I did not know where else to go since we had been to other physical therapists as well. It was our Chiropractor that referred us to Temple Body after routine chiropractic was not enough to help heal alone. 12 sessions with Tara and routine adjustments with our chiropractor and I not only got out of my pain, but I was able travel to Colorado where my wife and I had so much fun hiking and driving around in a UTV! Before, I was in so much pain my wife had to drive me everywhere for two months! We are very thankful to Temple Body, Direct Current and God!


Joe S. Partially Collapsed Vertebrae

I had been in pain for quite a while. I tried a chiropractor. He did adjustments, took X-Rays which showed some back damage. But his treatment didn’t help. My doctor referred me to a spine specialist. The spine specialist did an MRI, which showed that I had many partially collapsed vertebrae and had lost 4 inches in height. He suggested a procedure that could return the vertebrae to their original height, However this procedure was tedious and risky. The procedure required many X-Rays and injections into each vertebrae. I was in the hospital for 6 days in a fall risk unit and got virtually no movement. After the six days in the hospital I was so weak that I couldn’t take care of myself. A couple of friends alternated coming in the morning to help me get out of bed, get dressed and get breakfast and go to my appointments.

My friends took me to the doctor and to my new treatment at Temple Body using the direct current and specialized exercises.

After a few months of going 3-4 times per week I was up on my feet with no pain and no surgery!


Alexandre V. Knee Injury / Fight Camp Strength

2 months before my jiujitsu fight I hurt my knee. I went to Ryan and we removed the pain. I did my strength training and maintenance work to get me ready to compete. I felt great during the fight and won the match!


Nicole B. - Low Back / Sciatica

I found Temple Body to help me deal with my severe low back pain. For 12 years I had debilitating back pain. My last straw was not being able to hold my 1 year old daughter. I had many perspectives from all over the world and nobody seemed to have the answer to help. Nothing worked. I went to see them for 2 weeks 3 times per week to use the direct current and strengthen myself with the movement system they teach and was out of pain. I couldn’t believe it. I still keep up with the techniques they taught me and am pain free!


Kaleb C. - Broken Tibia & Fibula

At the start of my senior year in high school football I suffered a complete break in my shin that led me to surgery. My dad sent me to their Southlake clinic to rehab my broken leg with the direct current and to learn the physical therapy system they teach. With a combined effort of stem cell therapy, Cryo therapy, PEMF Mat and Temple Body’s program I was ready to play in the last games of the playoffs and can now dunk a basketball with ease, lift heavier weights than before the injury and am faster too with no more pain.


Aidan G - Hamstring, Thumb, Knee

At the start of my senior year of high school I went to see Ryan and Ryan at the clinic to help repair a hamstring injury. I went to see them each week through the season for various injuries. They helped keep me on the field to win a state championship for football. I also earned a spot to play with Iowa State football team.


Timothy G. - Raptured Achilles

During basketball recreational play I hurt my Achilles and needed surgery. The procedure went well, however, my rehabilitation process was stagnant. 6-8 weeks of continued physical therapy, the stiffness and mobility had improved maybe 20%. I was introduced to their functional training and the direct current through referral.  I did 3 sessions per week. Within two weeks I saw more improvement than my entire physical therapy trail. Within 3-4 months of full body training, I was stronger and more athletic than before the injury. More explosive, quicker and stronger!


Jake R. - Complete ACL Tear

In my senior year of high school, 2 weeks before the soccer season started, I tore my ACL and meniscus during practice. I was told the only route to recovery was surgery, followed by a 9 month recovery period. Through a church friend, I found this clinic, and within 3 months and 4 MRIs to track progress, the complete tear turned into a partial sprain and the blessing to appear in my senior night soccer game. This process took a lot of time and discipline, but results don’t lie. Issues shouldn’t be patched up, but rather reformed.


Greg E. - Hamstring Tear

One week before my NFL Pro Day I suffered an injury to my hamstring. I struggled to walk and was on crutches when I came to the Southlake clinic. I used the direct current and did their physical therapy system for 2 sessions per day and was back running and performing for my big day. I was offered a chance to perform for the Dallas cowboys 1 week later so I came back for another week of 2-a-days that led to no more hamstring issues.


Ryan C. - Ankle Sprain

I was playing in a game of flag football and sustained a serious sprain in my ankle. I could not walk. I did 1 session on the direct current and was able to run and jump. After years of professional football experience I had never experienced a healing that quick.


Tara T. - Shoulder

I injured my shoulder doing Jiu-jitsu. It hurt to lift and I could barely put weight on it. Being a Personal Trainer it hindered my work and my ability to do the sport I love as well. It took 5 sessions to be pain free doing push ups and everything I could do before! The Direct current and movement system provided not only helped me heal fast, but greatly increased my range of motion than before Injury. Chief complaint. Brief break


Ryan D. - Shoulder Tear

I was first introduced to this rehab system and direct current to repair a tear in my pec to shoulder connection. After years of issues in my range of motion and chronic pain I needed only my range and to almost completely remove my pain.